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Beyond Layers is a fruity yet complex perfume. It has a resinous scent infused with some spiciness. This fragrance has a lot of character and has a delicious gourmand smell wrapped in amber and woody goodness. Beyond Layers perfume is a cozy and breezy, sweet perfume. It is a masterpiece, an enchanting scent that makes a person smell effortlessly glamorous and attractive. This perfume has an ethereal quality to it because of its airy and transparent nature.   

Beyond Layers is a gorgeous fragrance that is extremely mysterious and absolutely magical. It has a sweet opening followed by a slight heaviness which adds to its elegance. It sits on the skin like a breeze that is flowery and laden with wood and amber. The dry down is very sensual and lasts for hours. This fragrance brings to mind the picture of sugary clouds painted with saffron and jasmine. This perfume has a very long-lasting and strong sillage.