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Derma Roller system

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• VISUAL APPEAL – Regain your confidence and start getting back to winning in life. Side effects of having an awesome beard include: More attention from girls, More respect from piers, More success in business, More social confidence.
• BEARD AND SKIN – Promotes a healthier, fuller thicker looking beard while also helping improve the appearance of the skin.
• AMPLIFY TOPICALS – Use our beard roller with any of your favorite serums or creams and watch the magic happen. It increases the absorption of any topical so you can get the results you are after 5 times quicker.
• ZERO PAIN – At first glance the beard roller may look intimidating. But in reality it was designed to be used comfortably on your skin. We promise it doesn’t hurt at all.
• LONG-LASTING PAYOFF – When used regularly, your beard will continue to look its best for as long as you use the beard roller.