Ice Cube Tray Folding Ice Maker Silicone Mold 18-cell Bar Accessories Quick-freezing Artifact Water Bottle Kitchen Tools (Copy)

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1. Rinse it with water after taking it out of the refrigerator, it will be much easier when it is opened.
2. The water will expand after it freezes, so don’t fill the water too full.

1. Optimum material, better quality.
2. It is an ice tray and a kettle.

3. Three fashionable drinking methods:

①Pour ice cubes directly into a cup with a drink and drink directly.

②Pour the drink directly into the ice tray, ice it and pour it out for drinking.
③Pour the drink into a kettle with an ice tray, and drink it directly from the kettle, which is more icy.

4. Easily inject water without spilling or leaking. Easy demoulding without waiting. Easy to carry around.

5. Material: TPR + PP + silica gel