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Vibrant Skin
Our Fruit Passion Collection is renowned for being packed full of fruity ingredients blends. Fruit aromas are vital uplifting and impactful. Often recognisable and universally appealing, fruits are perfect for creating fragrances that wake up the senses, invigorate and have that feel good factor. Our fruit fragrances are selected for their known nourishing and moisturising properties. Blended by experts our products are packed with essential oils, vitamins and botanical fruit extracts.

Just when you think you have enough problems to deal with, your skin starts acting weird. You look in the mirror and see dull and pigmented skin or an acne-filled face staring back at you. But why is your skin screaming for help? Is it due to dust, pollution, radiation, or chemicals? Here’s what we have to say… With our exclusive synergy of fruits and science you can unlock your skin potential. Our fruit extracts are selected for their known nourishing and moisturising properties

Pomegranate Moisturizing face wash
Lemon Purifying face wash
Coconut Hydrating face wash
Pineapple Rejuvenating face wash
watermelon face wash

Wet your hands and face. Take the small amount of face wash on your palm. Form a lather and massage onto your face and neck. Rinse off with water.

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