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Wireless Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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Color: Random colour

Working mode: vacuuming

Product suction: 2200pa

Style: rechargeable version

Charging mode: USB DC charging

Charging time: about 2-2.5 hours

Material: plastic electronic components

Net weight: 110g

Product size: 14*6*6cm


1.【Small and convenient 】Small in size, easy to use, long-lasting, easy to store and carry.

2.【M ultifunctional vacuum cleaner】 2200pa concentrated suction power deep into the corner of the desktop, the gap of the keyboard, and the air outlet of the center console in the car, so that the dust has nowhere to go

3.【Comfortable Bass】 Less noise reduction, will not disturb your normal life

4.【Split visual dust bucket】 One twist can empty the dirt and debris, portable and easy to separate from the body

5.【Two kinds of accessories】 long mouth west head and multi-function brush, solve cleaning problems and clean every corner

Package Included:

Vacuum cleaner *1

Charging cable*1