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Catch 22 – Our Impression of Creed Aventus

Format:Perfume Spray (55ml)


Catch 22 opens with a moderate projection of sparkly pineapple, apple, and smoky tones. The initial projection is bright and crisp. Both, the bergamot and blackcurrant found in the opening, support the pineapple tone, emphasizing its sharpness and fruity nature. The opening is very appealing, fragrant, and enjoyable. With this pineapple and smoky notes.

    Catch 22 moves into the mid and base. The initial projection is short-lived, and it drops quickly as some of the mid and base come up. The woody and musky tones accent the smoky tones. These smoky notes become as noticeable as the pineapple found in the opening and across the life of the fragrance. The vanilla adds a pinch of sweetness but it does not make the fragrance sweet in any way. The most noticeable change from the opening to the dry-down is the musk and ambergris notes which come up towards the dry-down.