Khunjerab – Our Impression of Memoir Man

Format:Perfume Spray (55ml)


Khunjerab opens slightly dark, spicy, and sweet tones. The fragrance feels elegant and mature, the sweet tones soften a bit the dark tones, creating a well-balanced scent. The first tone is wormwood which adds that wood and green note, the basil and mint are also noticeable but they are light notes and not as strong as the wormwood. The mid-notes will come up after a couple of minutes, the most noticeable is the incense, once again softened by the rose and lavender tones. Finally, the base notes will add wood, sweet, tobacco, and leather notes. The projection is good, the pleasing factor is high, the fragrance feels very linear, no notes are too strong or dominant, they all come up as well blended and rich without overpowering. The fragrance feels masculine, mature, very elegant, and of high quality.

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