Summer Skin Care Pack

  1. Clarifying Cleanser
  2. Flawless Glow Face Wash
  3. Clarifying Mask
  4. Daily Care Cream (Non-Greasy)
  • Key ingredients work to strengthen the skin and protect against environmental damage.
  • Helps get rid of pore-clogging grime, oil and irritants.
  • Controls excess oil leaving the skin looking visibly matte.
  • Provides the right amount of hydration without the greasy feel.


A set of 4 products designed to meet all your summer skin care needs. The Summer Pack helps removes everyday impurities from the surface of your skin without over-drying. It also helps remove excess sebum (oil) from the surface of your skin leaving it refreshed and hydrated without being greasy.


Step 1.) Clarifying Cleanser. Massage a small amount of the cleanser onto damp skin for 3-5 minutes, wipe-off with a damp cotton pad or towel.
Step 2.) Flawless Glow Facewash. Massage a small amount of the face wash onto damp skin to remove any residual product and rinse off with water.
Step 3.) Clarifying Mask. Mix about 1 tablespoon of the mask with either rosewater or regular water to form a smooth, uniform paste. Apply it to the face and allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes and rinse-off with water. (To be used 2 times a week)
Step 4.) Daily Care Non-greasy cream. Massage the cream onto a clean, dry face in short, upward strokes until the cream is well absorbed.
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