Winter Skincare Pack

  • Daily Care Moisturizing Cream (70 ml)
  • Revitalizing Cleanser (100 ml)
  • Perfect Glow & Fairness Scrub (125 ml)
  • Moisturizing Hands & Feet Cream (70 ml)
Best for; dry, dull and dehydrated skin.



Survive the winter season and combat dry, flaky skin with Arvelon’s 4 step, cold weather skincare must-haves. This all-star kit includes a mild facial cleanser & a multi-purpose moisturizer that is specially formulated to soothe skin that is chronically dry and irritated, while the scrub exfoliates dead skin and stimulates blood flow for better product absorption.


Step 1. Apply 2 pumps of the Revitalizing Cleanser onto a damp face and massage the cleanser all over the face for a few minutes concentrating on the dry areas. Wipe-off with a damp cotton pad, rinse-off and pat dry.
Step 2. Massage a coin-sized amount of the Perfect Glow scrub onto damp skin in small, circular motions concentrating on any dry patches and flaky areas.
Step 3. Massage a pea-sized amount of the Daily Care cream all over the face & neck in light, upward strokes till the product is well absorbed into the skin.
Step 4. Massage a small amount of the Hands & Feet Moisturizer onto your hands & feet till the product is well absorbed into the skin.
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