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Rosemary Oil

Pure rosemary essential oil is naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiseptic making it an excellent skin tonic for any kind of skin conditions that are caused from excess bacteria or congested pores. It stimulates Hair Growth. May Improve Brain Function (strengthen memory) and mood. Rosemary is also known to alleviate pains and digestive discomfort.


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Botanical name: Rosmarinus Officinalis

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant’s scent and flavor, or “essence.” Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence. They are most commonly used in the practice of aromatherapy.

Rosemary: used to improve mood and reduce anxiety

Where skin flourished, the Rosemary ruled!


Rosemary oil is one of the most effective essential oils for skincare. It is known to have antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities that can make it beneficial in eliminating eczema, dermatitis, oily skin and acne. It fights best against oily, congested and acne prone skin. It tightens and tones the skin, cleanses and clears the pores.  It helps promote the growth of healthy skin cells and stimulates the regeneration process.  Rosemary encourages local blood circulation, which increases the supply of nutrients and brings a warming glow to the skin and may improve hair growth.


Stimulates Hair Growth – One of the most common types of hair loss is androgenic alopecia, better known as male pattern baldness, although it can also affect females. Rosemary oil treats androgenic alopecia by preventing a byproduct of testosterone from attacking your hair follicles, which is the cause of this condition. Regular use of rosemary oil for hair helps to stimulate hair follicles, making hair grow longer and stronger and slowing down premature hair loss and greying of the hair.

May Improve Brain Function – strengthen memory. Inhaling rosemary oil helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a brain chemical important for thinking, concentration and memory. Rosemary oil may boost attention, alertness, energy and mood. It helps to balance the action of the nervous system and thereby reducing stress and tension. In addition rosemary is a strong anti-depressant that lifts the spirit and makes you feel good.

In folk medicine, rosemary is utilized as a mild pain reliever.  The topical use of rosemary oil improves blood circulation in that area. Improved blood circulation can have multiple benefits like relieving pain and aiding rapid blood clotting, which could, in turn, speed up wound healing and promote hair growth. If you experience cold fingers or toes, massaging with rosemary oil may help warm them. It has also been known to treat headaches, relieve muscle pains, rheumatism and arthritis.

Boosts Immune System, Rosemary oil contains myrcene, a chemical that acts as a powerful antioxidants and hunt down free radicals that can damage your cells and cause a number of infections and diseases. Promotes Digestion, rubbing rosemary oil on your stomach and the bottom of your feet can aid digestion,  improves the quality of gastric acid secretion and the volume of bile produced by the liver – two components that are necessary for good digestion.

Rosemary also improves water retention and elimination, which helps to keep the system hydrated and balanced; free of toxins; good for oedema, obesity and as well as cellulite.

Repels Certain Bugs – For deterring harmful insects that may bite you or infest your garden, natural alternative to chemical products.



Essential oils can be used topically (combined with carrier oils and moisturizers) and externally (i.e. around the home).

1) Add 5-7 drops to a diffuser filled with water.

2) Like above, but instead, use reed diffusers in a container of carrier oil with 3-5 drops of essential oil.

3) For massage: Dilute 15 drops in 50 ml of your favorite carrier oil (e.g., argon, olive, coconut and almond oils) for face and body.


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