Streets of Cairo – Our Impression of Rasasi Hawas

Format:Perfume Spray (55ml)


Streets of Cairo opens with a moderate projection or citrus, fruity and soft spicy accords. The opening is very pleasant combining the citrus bergamot and lemon with the sweet apple, and a touch of cinnamon. The orange blossom is just a touch; however, the watery notes are more prominent adding an oceanic fresh scent but it does not feel salty. The cardamon is just a faint touch; the plum is more prominent and it adds its sweet and fruity touch. As the fragrance commences to dry-down, the ambergris and musk join to create a projecting accord, a white clean musk touch is added and it does not feel animalic or pungent. The patchouli is just a soft green touch, and finally, the driftwood adds a woody accord that does have a specific wood character. The most noticeable change from the opening to the dry-down is the partial vanishing of the citrus notes and, the rise of the white musky accords.

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