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XOXO – Our Impression of Tom Ford Fabulous

Format:Perfume Spray (55ml)


XOXO opens with a strong projection of intense almond oil, lavender, clary sage, and leather. The almond oil is the most prominent opening accord and it comes across as actual almond oil as opposed to a dense almond note. The lavender adds a clean-like floral accord whereas the clary sage adds a deep herbaceous accord that combines well with the lavender. The opening is strong and almost pungent but it gradually softens. The leather accord becomes more prominent as time passes, it is not an animalic leather but rather white and natural; the almond oil relaxes losing some of its oily texture feeling more like bitter almond. The fragrance becomes sweeter because of the vanilla which envelops all notes with an aromatic sweet touch. The amber and tonka bean do the same, they create a powdery and sweet accord which relaxes, even more, the fragrance. The white woods and cashmeran blend together creating a fresh, clean, and aromatic woody accord, adding depth to the fragrance. The most noticeable changes from the opening to the dry-down are the initial strong almond oil accord, the prominent and herbaceous clary sage, and the intense floral lavender, which dominate the opening. These tones soften once the vanilla, amber, and tonka bean begin developing, which occurs towards the dry-down.