TrackR Bravo Multipurpose Mini Tracker

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  • The TrackR Bravo is an intelligent little device which allows you to locate your important items within seconds.
  • Simply attach the tag to any of your valuables, such as keys, wallets and bags, and use the TrackR app to locate the item in question (the app is suitable for both iPhone and Android).
  • You can even attach the tags to small children and pets, which brings peace of mind when outside of the home.
  • At just over 3 cm in diameter with an ultra thin body, it’s smaller than an average keyring.
  • With 4 choices of colour this a particularly lightweight, stylish and discrete security item.
  • In addition to its convenient design, the Bravo also boasts some impressive features, such as the TrackR Crowd Locate network, which will display the most recent location of your item on a detailed map using GPS.
  • Additionally, the app also allows you to ring your lost item to provide an audible indication of location, gives you reminders to not forget your essentials, as well as allowing you to call your mobile phone, even when it’s on silent mode!


  • Item and phone ringing function
  • Amazon Alexa integration
  • Wallet-thin and durable
  • Crowd Locate network – if your missing item is within Bluetooth range of another TrackR user, you will be sent location updates
  • Family sharing – track and ring the Bravo from multiple phones – ideal for shared items
  • Distance indicator shows how close you are to your missing item